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  Silica quartz glass are used to create special industrial technology glass, is a very good basic material.

Quartz glass with a series of excellent physical and chemical properties, such as:

 1, high temperature. Quartz glass softening point temperature is about 1730 ℃, can be used for long periods under 1100 ℃, the highest short-term use temperature of 1450 ℃.

 2, corrosion resistance. In addition to hydrofluoric acid, the quartz glass hardly acids and other substances react chemically, and its acid capacity is 30 times ceramic, stainless steel 150-fold, especially in high temperature chemical stability, are any other engineering materials can elsewhere in the world.

 3, thermal stability. Quartz glass thermal expansion coefficient is extremely small, can withstand severe temperature changes, the quartz glass heated to about 1100 ℃, Add room temperature water will not cracks.

 4, transmittance performance. Quartz glass in the entire UV to infrared spectral bands have better light transmission performance, visible light transmittance of 93% or more in, especially in the UV spectral region, the largest up to 80% transmittance.

 5, good electric insulation properties. Quartz glass resistance value equivalent to ten thousand times that of ordinary glass is an excellent electric insulating materials, even at a high temperature also has a good electric performance.