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   optical filter
   ‡ filter lens
   ‡ lens
   ‡ prism
   ‡ photoconducting device
   ‡ heat-protecting glass
   ‡ quartz glass
   ‡ black Ultraviolet glass
   ‡ special glass
   ‡ high borosilicate glass
   ‡ tempered glass
   ‡ polarizer
   ‡ plane mirror of colourless         glass
optical filter


the colored galsses of optical filter are used in machines,which arespecialized in light spectrum. It includes ultravioletglassesZWB1、ZWB2、ZWB3,heat-absorbing glasses GRB1、KG1、KG3、KG5。Customers cansearch them by colored galsses index.